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The ActNow Strategies team of leaders, staff, and partners has the vision, the experience, and the skills to develop and implement a comprehensive campaign in your community or nationwide. From the development of a strategy, to quantitative and qualitative research, to full-service communications and event management, the ActNow team has the experience and the skillset to battle back, and to win

Strategic Consulting

We will work with your team to help you set goals, target audiences, develop messages, and determine the best, most effective tactics for success. We'll audit and evaluate your internal capacity and readiness. Next, we'll add in tasks, timelines, and budgets – along with deliverables, actions, and expectations – and develop a plan that doesn’t just sit on a shelf… It gets done!  

Coalition Building

It’s a big part of our history, and creating and maintaining strong alliances to drive change is still one of our favorite things to do. We'll help you identify and reach out to natural allies, and even former adversaries, to expand support and transcend traditional boundaries. We will broaden and deepen your relationships with sophisticated social media tools and strategic community-based actions and events.

Public Relations & Communications

Telling your story – and telling it in a way that moves, inspires, and persuades people – is at the core of ActNow Strategies. Storytelling is in our DNA, and we are strong believers in the need for quantitative and qualitative research to craft a winning message.


We are skilled at using every available channel to get your story out to your strategic audiences:

  • Earned Media: Media events, news releases, speeches, op-ed writing, story packaging, training spokespeople, and pitching – we have done it all for more than 20 years, always adapting to the ever-changing news media landscape. 

  • Digital Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Websites, LinkedIn, Email, Text Messaging – we use every available channel 24x7 to get our clients’ stories out to strategic audiences in a way that creates a viral echo chamber. We'll build and manage your social media community, using organic and paid tools with the kind of sophisticated targeting used by national political campaigns.

  • On-the-Ground: As much as times have changed, there is no substitute for face-to-face and on-the-ground engagement. Whether you need the ActNow Team to curate and implement a large-scale public event, maximize your sponsorship of a community event, or provide your team with compelling collateral materials to pass out in the field – we have you covered.

Visual Storytelling

ActNow is your one-stop shop for creative and inspirational photography, videography, graphic design, print and online collateral, and social media graphics. We'll work with you to develop your unique brand – from logo design to letterhead, signage, merchandise and style guidelines. Our talented in-house and close-by experts in design, event production, video, and photography can take your idea from concept, to production, to distribution.

Research & Analysis

Since our beginnings, the ActNow Strategies Team has delivered quantitative and qualitative research that adds significant depth to our campaigns. Policy analysis, economic research, budget review, and compensation and cost-of-living studies provide valuable information. On-line surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, information requests, web-based research, and one-on-one meetings are tools we use to gather qualitative information that helps drive message, and we partner with the best research and investigative firms in the country to conduct professionally-moderated focus groups, scientific polls, and background research. 

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